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18 June 2007 @ 12:07 am
[Theme Challenge] (Mod approved ^_~)  
Since it's summer now, I though it might be fun to have a 'fanfic challenge' of some sort. ^^ This comm has been a little inactive lately and I'd really like to liven it up a little here ^_^ I hope you'll all participate~

Theme: Summer Break

1) It must be about the Theme, though you can interpret it any way you want
2) At the LEAST, 200 words.
3) Both Taiyou and Shoon need to be in it
4) When posting your fic, please indicate that it's for the Theme challenge ^^

I'll leave the ending date open for now.
I'm not sure how long everyone would like. Let me know ^^
Once again, I hope you'll all participate! Thanks~