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I want to sale some Shoon goods.
I sorry if some goods I can't remember from which concert. ^^"

For terms and conditions please follow my LJ



06 November 2007 @ 11:57 am
 I have scanned and uploaded the December issue of Potato.
Only Shoon and Taiyou pages though~

Image5-1.jpg picture by ShoonYamashita Image6-1.jpg picture by ShoonYamashita
04 November 2007 @ 12:19 pm
I started a project thing, basically making 2000 origami cranes for Taiyo and Shoon. [Right now I only have 203. x_x] At first I was only doing it for fun, something to do when I'm bored, but then I thought, "Eh, maybe I could actually send it to them somehow."

The main point is, does anyone know where I would be able to send the finished cranes to them? I was thinking of making 2000 for Hikaru and Yabu too, but only after Taiyo and Shoon's.

[x-posted to other yax3 related comms.]
28 September 2007 @ 07:39 pm
I've been editing pics of Shoon and Taiyou for a few weeks, and since I just finished and with this HSJ news, Shoon and Taiyou need some loving ^^ I thought I'd share :3


Shookawa avatars (+25)Collapse )

01 September 2007 @ 02:30 pm
 Okay, since this community is barely active, let's all talk about how JE is hinting Shookawa in magazine shoots these days xDD
18 June 2007 @ 12:07 am
Since it's summer now, I though it might be fun to have a 'fanfic challenge' of some sort. ^^ This comm has been a little inactive lately and I'd really like to liven it up a little here ^_^ I hope you'll all participate~

Theme: Summer Break

1) It must be about the Theme, though you can interpret it any way you want
2) At the LEAST, 200 words.
3) Both Taiyou and Shoon need to be in it
4) When posting your fic, please indicate that it's for the Theme challenge ^^

I'll leave the ending date open for now.
I'm not sure how long everyone would like. Let me know ^^
Once again, I hope you'll all participate! Thanks~
20 May 2007 @ 07:50 pm
Title: Untitled
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ayukawa Taiyo x Yamashita Reon, [with hints of: Yamashitacest, YamaBu, MassuTego, KoyaTo, and others]
Disclaimer: I don't own them
Characters: Reon, Taiyo, Shoon, Yabu, Koyama, Shige, others...
Warning: Drama, Incest, Fluff and a little bit of others, I guess...
Beta-ed by: janel_23
Notes: I just thought... XD I hope you like... Oh, and please note... I have no idea how Reon and his parents act like... [>.<]

(So you mean Reon's going to our High School instead?)

Crossposted to jent_fanfics, I hope this is allowed. It does have something to do with Taiyo and Shoon... [>.<]

...I wanted to crosspost for once. XD;
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28 April 2007 @ 06:48 pm
I scanned some old Ya3 scans. And a lot of them are Shookawa because yeah the shookawa fangirl in me kinda started to spaz when i saw all the old ya3 scans with Taiyo and Shoon xD
I will be scanning more throught the year.. meaning almost this month and summer x3

( Click here for scans )
28 April 2007 @ 12:11 am
Ya-Ya-Yah Icons :]
Made by S u z u k i.
I like the pictures.
They grow up so Fast Ima cry ;_;
>< *sniff*
It's only a few cus i was rushing ...
Douzo. Ur welcome to take some.
I hope they are good & u like 'em
Please Credit.
That'll be nice :]
Arigatou Gozaimasu.

Here we go!Collapse )

P.S: I Ya-Ya-Yah. Taiyou is so tall I love it xD
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